Uncovering the Truths Behind Common Health Myths

It’s not uncommon for people to believe certain health myths, right? Well, of course, yes! But are all those myths about health true? Well, questions have been risen related to the authenticity of many of these myths. Whether they are true or not, most myths will cause you to re-evaluate your own health choices. Remember that you should never fall for those myths. You should believe in the facts and make informed decisions about your well-being.

Busting the Myths of Health – Separating Fact from Fiction.

Health Myth One: Milk Does Wonders

Dr. T. Colin Campbell PhD., a respected nutrition and health researcher, has discovered the truth about the effects of protein in our milk. Yes, you heard it right! According to his research in ‘The China Study,’ Dr. Campbell found that the main protein found in milk, Casein, (found in 87% of cow’s milk) “…promoted all stages of the Cancer process.” Results indicated that abstaining from consuming milk and any form of animal protein halted the growth of cancerous tumors. So, if the research is to be believed, the health myths about milk being great for health are wrong.

Health Myth Two: Herbs Are the Way to Go!

Many people believe that herbs are the answer to all their health problems, right? Moreover, there are many myths in the health sector about the supposed benefits of herbal remedies. It’s true that some herbs are great but thinking that a product is harmless just because it contains herbs is wrong. You should not get fooled by the health myths about herbs being harmless. Kava, known to reduce anxiety, has been shown to be toxic to the liver.

Other herbs, such as Ginkgo Leaf Extracts, are known to cause headaches rather than improve mental clarity, or work to treat dementia and peripheral vascular disease. St John’s Wart, Echinacea, German Chamomile, and Ginkgo biloba have been reported to cause allergic reactions. This is why we believe that it is smart to consult your physician on natural products or supplements to see if they fit your health needs.

Health Myth Three: Constricting Calories Will Help in Weight Loss

Another one of the most famous myths of health is about less calorie intake leading to weight loss. Though it is important to moderate your calorie intake, it is much more essential to watch your sugar intake. Yes, that’s true!

We are saying this because minimizing your glucose intake will significantly aid in your weight loss battle. Remember that an excess of glucose is the major cause of fat storage. So, by moderating your glucose levels, you can make your weight loss journey easier. Make sure to also engage in weight training and moderate periods of cardio, instead of believing in health myths, as it is an effective way to burn fat.

Health Myth Four: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Are More Nutritious Than Canned or Frozen

This is yet another one of the health misconceptions which says that fresh fruits are always more nutritious than canned fruits. Well, it depends on two different factors: how long the fruit or vegetables have been in the fridge, and how long they’ve been cut and are kept out on the counter.

Remember that leaving fruits and vegetables in the fridge for long periods of time causes them to lose vitamins.  In this case, fresh fruits might not have the same nutritional value as canned or frozen. Also, leaving cut-up fruits or vegetables out on the kitchen counter for more than 20 minutes results in vitamin loss due to air exposure.  As a result, canned or frozen fruits can be just as rich in vitamins as fresh fruits.

Health Myth Five: The Road to Perfect Skin Is Through Washing and Moisturizing!

Taking care of your skin is important, however, there is a direct connection between the food you digest and the condition of your skin.  Remember that an unhealthy lifestyle will cause more of a strain on your liver and kidney. Because the skin is also an organ used to eliminate waste, these results will be apparent on your skin. So, the healthcare myths regarding washing and moisturizing skin being the only key to healthy skin is not true. You should keep in mind that the cleaning regimes are not always as important as the food which is consumed.

Final Words

We hope that now you know the truth behind all the popular health myths. So, don’t let all these myths fool you anymore. Remember that instead of following the common health myths blindly, it’s better to know the reality and facts behind them so that you can make the right choices.


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