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Do you know that your body faces toxins every day and one of these toxins is stress? Yes, that’s true! Stress can greatly affect your health and it can be very detrimental. Stress causes high blood pressure; it can cause heart conditions and can cause you to feel miserable. In fact, the effects of stress can even make you physically ill if you allow it to.

Everyone has had a situation that literally made them feel physically ill. This is usually brought on by stress and finding a way to reduce it can be very beneficial to your health. So, do you want to know how stress can affect you and your health? Well, here are the top can ways stress can affect you:

1.  Stress Can Cause Fat Storage

Stress and weight gain are often connected. When you’re stressed your body stops producing some of the important genes that can stop fat storage, and maybe this is one of the biggest physical effects of stress. Due to this, you begin to store fat to deal with the stress. But this only leads to a vicious circle and your body stores more and more fat causing you to become overweight.

2. It Can Destroy Your Sleep Cycle

You should know that constant stress can lead to difficulty in sleeping as you might end up taking the stress and thinking of things instead of sleeping. This, in the long run, can completely destroy your sleep cycle and lead to mood swings and irritation.

3. Stress Can Cause Brain Damage.

If we talk about the psychological effects of stress, we can say that high-stress levels can lead to serious burnout. Also, long turn stress can become chronic and affect your memory and your ability to fight off infections and other conditions.

4. It Can Impact Your Immune System

Another one of the major effects of stress is that it can lead to the immune system shut down, creating inflammation in your body. Moreover, stress can affect your joints and other areas of the body as well. This is why many people suffer from cold sores when they become stressed.

5. Low Energy Level

Low energy level is yet another one of the effects of stress. Remember that the more stressed you are, the less energy you have to use. This is because the stress levels in your body are using up your energy resources. And once you start reducing your stress, your energy begins to get restored.

6.  It Leads to Toxin Storage in Body

When you’re stressed your body isn’t able to metabolize medications and toxins that you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Furthermore, you begin to crave foods that aren’t healthy for you and aren’t able to fight your cravings.

7. It Can Cause Heart Problems

Now, if we talk about the long-term effects of stress, it leads to major health problems. If you’ve ever experienced a rapid heart rate or high blood pressure, stress may well be a contributing factor to your condition. You should know that stress and cardiovascular health are very much related, so reducing stress can greatly benefit your health.

8. It Affects Your Sex Drive

Another one of the big negative effects of stress of sex is that it affects the sex drive and leads to a decrease in libido. Chronic stress can change the hormones in your body and affect your sex drive. Reducing stress can improve this condition.

9. It Affects the Tolerance for Pain

Stress can greatly affect your ability to deal with pain. If you lower your stress, you may have a high tolerance to pain and be better able to deal with any pain you experience. 

10. It Can Upset your digestion

Finally, Stress can also cause a myriad of digestive issues including irritable bowel and the overgrowth of bacteria that can negatively affect your digestion.

Overall, as you can see, there are myriads of negative effects of stress on your body. And this is why it is always being suggested to stay calm and away from stress. As per Doctors, they have noticed that many patients find relief from their health conditions after reducing stress. So why not indulge in some good practices to stay away from stress.

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