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What is Synthroid Used For? 

Synthroid is used for treating underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). It works by replacing or providing more thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are usually produced by the body via thyroid glands, and this medication aids in that process. Low thyroid levels occur naturally, and sometimes it occurs when the thyroid gland is injured. 

This medication is also not recommended to be used for infertility purposes unless the infertility is caused by low thyroid hormone levels. 

What Are Synthroid Side Effects?

Hair loss may happen within a few months of taking Synthroid, but this is usually temporary. If this symptom persists or worsens, consult your doctor or pharmacist. This is due to your body adjusting to the medication. Also, in an event when you have taken too much Synthroid or more than what your doctor prescribed, you are at risk of bone fractures and/or heart arrhythmia. 

Keep in mind that Synthroid has been prescribed by your doctor who has judged that you are fit to take it and has decided that the benefits are far greater than the risk of the side effects. Serious side effects are very rare, and they can occur. 

Serious side effects 

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these unlikely but serious side effects are felt: increased sweating, sensitivity to heat, mental/mood changes (nervousness, mood swings), tiredness, diarrhea, shakiness (tremor), headache, shortness of breath, bone pain, easily broken bones. Extremely high thyroid hormone levels cause these. 

Seek medical attention immediately if any of these symptoms are experienced chest pain, fast/pounding/irregular heartbeat, swelling hands/ankles/feet, or seizures. 

Warnings and Interactions – Synthroid

Before taking Synthroid, inform your doctor if you are allergic to it because this medication may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause an allergic reaction. Speak to your doctor for more details on this subject.  

Before taking Synthroid, inform your doctor of any medical history of high thyroid hormones and decreased adrenal gland function, heart disease (coronary artery disease, irregular heartbeat), high blood pressure, and diabetes.  

If you have diabetes, this drug can affect your blood sugar. To combat this, check your blood sugar levels regularly and share the results with your doctor. Inform your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms: increased thirst/urination, shakiness, unusual sweating, dizziness, or hunger. Your doctor may need to alter your diabetes medication, diet, and exercise program.  

Before surgery, make sure to inform your doctor or dentist about all the prescription and nonprescription drugs you have been taking, including herbal medicines.  

Children may have a more sensitive reaction to the symptoms of this drug, especially headache, vision changes, and hip/leg pain. Also, high thyroid levels may result in decreased bone development and growth of bones in children, resulting in decreased height in adulthood. 

How to Take Synthroid 

You should be taking Synthroid by mouth as prescribed by your doctor. Usually, it is taken once daily with an empty stomach, 30 minutes to 1 hour before eating breakfast. This medication should be taken with a full glass of water unless your doctor says otherwise.  

Swallow the pill whole. Do not crush, chew, or split.  


Synthroid dosage will be determined by the person’s age, weight, other medical conditions, laboratory tests, and response to treatment.   

It is not advised to stop taking this medication. Thyroid medications are usually taken for life. Consult your doctor before making a decision and for the proper method.  

There will be different brands of levothyroxine, so consult your doctor if you are planning on switching brands.  

Allergic reactions 

While allergic reactions to this medication are very rare, they can still occur, so look out if any of these are experienced and seek medical attention right away: rash, itching/swelling (inflammation in the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, and trouble breathing. 

FAQs About Synthroid

Can I take Synthroid and coffee together?

Coffee has been clinically shown to decrease the overall effectiveness of Synthroid if consumed together. 

What if I ate too soon after Synthroid?

The downside of eating sooner is that it will make it harder for the body to absorb the medication. 

How fast does Synthroid work?

Your doctors can identify if your thyroid levels have returned to normal with a simple test. Once you start the prescribed treatment and dosage, you should see positive results in two weeks and recover in six weeks. This duration can vary between patients. 

What is Synthroid made of? 

Synthroid is an artificial compound similar to T4 i.e., the hormone produced by the thyroid gland. 

When should I take Synthroid?

The optimum time to take this drug is shortly before bedtime, but make sure you don’t take it with any other prescriptions that could cause a negative reaction. 

If I missed a dose, is it ok to take two doses?

If you missed a dose, skip the last dose, proceed to the next dose and take it normally. 

How Much Does Synthroid Cost?

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