Discovering 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Fats

Fat has, for years, been depicted as a big evil when it comes to our diet, right? Well, of course, yes! It has been shown to cause obesity, heart disease, as well as high cholesterol. However, that’s not only the case! We are saying this because there have been recent scientific studies that show that there are numerous benefits of fats which means that people should consume fat.

A doctor by the name of Perlmutter has stated that many health conditions such as anxiety, chronic headaches, ADHD, depression, as well as Alzheimer’s have been a result of brain and bodily inflammation resulting from carbs. Want to know about the surprising health benefits of fats? If yes, keep reading as we are going to tell you about the benefits of fats to the body.

A Look At 5 Surprising Benefits of Body Fat 

It Facilitates Brain Health

Our brain tissue consists of as much as 60% fat. This means that a diet low in fat will not be able to provide the brain with the essential material that it needs to keep functioning properly. Yes, you heard it right! Fat that you consume should not only include omega 3s, but also essential fatty acids found in avocados, nuts, and salmon.

Fats should also include the natural animal fat that we have been told to avoid for years because there are many benefits of animal fats. Also, essential vitamins like A, D, E, and K aren’t water-soluble and hence will require fat for them to be absorbed and transported throughout the body. These vitamins are extremely important for vital organs including the brain which further highlights the benefits of fats even more.

It Contributes to Proper Functioning of Lungs

Do you know that the substance that is coated into our lungs is mostly saturated fat. Premature babies who lack the substance are normally given surfactants so that their lungs can continue to function properly. So, another one of fat benefits is that it helps our lungs to function properly, and if we do not consume sufficient saturated fat, then our lungs can be affected. 

It Boosts Your Immune System 

Another important of the benefits of dietary fat is that the saturated fats found in coconut oil and butter play an important role in boosting immune health. You should know that if the body does not have sufficient saturated fatty acids within the white blood cells, then it can hamper their overall ability to recognize and destroy foreign invaders like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  

It Keeps the Skin Healthy

You should know that our cellular membrane consists of huge amounts of fat, and our skin consists of many cells. So, if we do not consume good amounts of fat, then our skin can get compromised by becoming chapped and dry. And this can further result in infection. So, we can say that one of the benefits of fats is that it keeps your skin healthy and prevents it from being chapped. 

It Promotes Heart Health

There have been many studies conducted on the benefits of fats on people consuming saturated fats. A particular study was done on the population of the Pacific Isles where people consumed 60% of the diet in the saturated coconut oil form. And because of this, the incidence of heart disease was found to be practically nil there. So, we can say that one of the biggest health benefits of fats is that it promotes heart health. 

Final Words 

All in all, we can say that fat provides a lot more energy than carbs, and therefore, helps in giving sufficient individual energy to sustain themselves throughout the day. A person, in turn, will also eat less. However, you should not have trans-fats since they are harmful to the body.

So, now that you know about the surprising benefits of body fat, why not enjoy more salmon, walnuts, butter, and olive oil throughout the day to make sure you remain full of energy?


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