10 reasons how stress can ruin your life

Your body faces toxins each and every day. One of these toxins is stress. Stress can greatly affect your health and it can be very detrimental. It can cause high blood pressure, it can cause heart conditions and it can cause you to feel miserable. Stress can even make you physically ill if you allow it to.

Everyone has had a situation that literally made them feel physically ill. This is usually brought on by stress and finding a way to reduce it can be very beneficial to your health. Here are 10 major stressors that can affect your overall well-being:

1.  Stress can cause fat storage

When you’re stressed your body stops producing some of the important genes that can stop fat storage. You begin to store fat to deal with the stress only it becomes a vicious circle and your body stores more and more fat causing you to become overweight.

2.  Your childhood experience

Your childhood can greatly impact your body’s ability to deal with stress and produce corticotropin which is a hormone that is released when you’re stressed. If you’ve had any stressful events in your childhood, your adrenal glands are set to over produce certain hormones causing you to be overweight and deal with stress differently.

3.  Brain damage

If your stress levels remain high you can suffer from serious burn out. Long turn stress can become chronic and affect your memory and your ability to fight off infections and other conditions.

4.  Immune system

Too much stress can shut down your immune system and create inflammation in your body. It can affect your joints and other areas of the body. Consider how many people suffer from cold sores when they become stressed for a prime example.

5.  Energy zapper

Dealing with stress is an energy zapper. The more stressed you are the less energy you have to use. This is because the stress levels in your body are using up your energy resources. As you reduce your stress your energy will be restored.

6.  Your body stores toxins

When you’re stressed your body isn’t able to metabolize medications and toxins that you’re exposed to on a daily basis. You begin to crave foods that aren’t healthy for you and you aren’t able to fight off your cravings.

7.  Heart problems

If you’ve ever experienced a rapid heart rate or high blood pressure stress may well be a contributing factor to your condition. Reducing stress can greatly benefit your health.

8.  Affect your sex drive

Chronic stress can change your hormones in your body and affect your sex drive. Reducing stress can improve this condition.

9.  Tolerance for pain

Stress can greatly affect your ability to deal with pain. If you lower your stress you may have less pain and be better able to deal with any pain you do have.

10. Upset your digestion

Stress can cause a myriad of digestive issues including irritable bowel and the overgrowth of bacteria that can negatively affect your digestion.

As doctors are discovering more ways that stress can negatively impact the body, they are helping patients see how stress reduction methods can greatly improve health. When stress is reduced, many patients are finding relief for previously long term health conditions and they are finding this relief without the aid of medications.

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