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Spiriva Respimat
Dosage: 2.5mcg
Quantity: 60puffs
Price: $120.00
Spiriva Respimat
Dosage: 2.5mcg
Quantity: 180puffs
Price: $340.00

What is Spiriva Respimat? 

Spiriva Respimat is a prescription drug used long-term to control and reduce periodic worsening (exacerbations) of the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which includes emphysema and bronchitis. This is also used as an additional maintenance medication to treat asthma in patients who are 6 years and older.  

This is not intended for use as a rescue inhaler. This is used as a maintenance therapy which means it is used regularly every day to help manage breathing problems. 

Spiriva Respimat contains tiotropium bromide, a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA), also known as an anticholinergic in clinical medicine. It works by attaching to the M3 receptors in the smooth muscle of the bronchial airways and antagonizing the cholinergic effects of acetylcholine which is bronchoconstriction, resulting in relaxation of the bronchial smooth muscle leading to bronchodilation.  

Spiriva Respimat – How to use 

Read the instructions carefully on how to use Spiriva Respimat inhaler. 

When using Spiriva Respimat for the first time, the cartridge must be inserted into the Respimat inhaler and then primed. To prime, point the inhaler toward the ground then press the dose-release button until a cloud is visible, then repeat the process three times. After that, it is primed and ready to use. 

If you haven’t used it for more than three days, point the inhaler toward the ground and release one puff to prepare the inhaler for use. If you haven’t used it for more than 21 days, point the inhaler toward the ground then press the dose-release button until a cloud is visible, then repeat the process three times to prepare it for use. 

Do not forget to write the discard by date on the label of the inhaler. The discard by date is 3 months after insertion of the cartridge.  

When the inhaler is ready for use, breathe out (exhale) slowly and fully. Place the inhaler in your mouth then close your lips around the mouthpiece. Be sure you are not covering the air vents on the sides. The inhaler should be pointed to the back of the throat.  

Then, while you are taking a slow, deep breath through your mouth, press the dose-release button and continue to breathe in. Next, hold your breath for at least 10 seconds or for as long as you can comfortably do so. 

Be sure to clean the mouthpiece and the metal part inside it using a damp cloth or tissue at least once a week. 

Spiriva Respimat dosing 

Spiriva Respimat comes as a liquid solution and is available in the strength of 2.5 mcg. 

  • For patients with COPD, the recommended dosage is 2 puffs/inhalations once a day, for a total dose of 5 mcg. 
  • For patients aged 6 years and older with asthma, the recommended dosage is 2 puffs/inhalations per actuation once a day, for a total dose of 2.5 mcg.

Do not take more than the recommended dose (2 inhalations/puffs) in 24 hours. 

Spiriva Respimat cost 

Spiriva Respimat prices depend on the dosage, quantity, and site that you visit. You may check the available prices for this inhaler from this page. See the top of this page for the pricing information. See the top of this page for the pricing information by clicking here. 

Spiriva Respimat side effects 

Like most medications, Spiriva Respimat inhaler may cause some unwanted side effects along with its needed effects. The side effects included in the lists are not experienced by every person using Spiriva Respimat. If you experience something that is not included here, contact your doctor for medical advice. 

The following are the common side effects of using the Spiriva Respimat inhaler. Contact your healthcare provider if they persist or become bothersome or worsen. 

Dry mouth or throat (usually mild) 

  • Constipation 
  • Stuffy or runny nose, sinus infection/inflammation (sinusitis), sore throat (common cold symptoms) 
  • Cough 
  • Fast heart rate 
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry skin 

Here are some serious adverse reactions to using Spiriva Respimat inhaler. Please contact your healthcare provider right away or seek medical attention if you experience the following. 

-Sudden trouble breathing and wheezing, are symptoms of paradoxical bronchospasm.

-Eye pain or discomfort that is sudden, blurred vision, seeing halos or colored images associated with red eyes from corneal edema, and conjunctival congestion, are signs and symptoms of acute narrow-angle glaucoma.

-Difficulty passing urine and pain or burning feeling when urinating, are signs of worsening urinary retention. 

-Rash, itching, swelling of the face, mouth/lips, tongue or throat, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing are signs and symptoms of a serious allergic reaction.

Additional information

Brand Name:

Spiriva Respimat

Scientific Name:

Tiotropium Bromide

Other Names:

Spiriva Respimat



Quantities Available:

60puffs, 180puffs


Respimat Inhaler

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