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Combivent Respimat
Dosage: 20/100mcg
Quantity: 120doses
Price: $48.20
Combivent Respimat
Dosage: 20/100mcg
Quantity: 240doses
Price: $81.40
Combivent Respimat
Dosage: 20/100mcg
Quantity: 360doses
Price: $113.35

What is Combivent Respimat? 

Combivent respimat is a brand-name medication that requires a prescription when you obtain it. Ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate are used in this medication. These two have different work mechanisms, but they both cause relaxation of the muscles of the airways. 

Ipratropium bromide is an anticholinergic that works by blocking the effects of acetylcholine (a chemical used by the nerves to communicate to muscle cells) in the airways and nasal passages resulting in the prevention of the tightening of the muscles in the lungs.

Albuterol sulfate belongs to a class of drugs known as short-acting beta 2-agonists (SABAs). This works by stimulating beta-2 receptors on the smooth muscles, causing the muscles to relax and then opening the airways. 

What is Combivent Respimat used for

Combivent respimat (ipratropium/albuterol) is used for treating and preventing the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which includes bronchitis and emphysema, in patients who are already using an aerosol bronchodilator regularly, and continue to have bronchospasms and require a second bronchodilator. 

Combivent Respimat dosage 

Combivent respimat comes as an inhalation aerosol and consists of two parts, a Combivent Respimat inhaler and an aluminum cylinder Combivent respimat cartridge) that contains the combination of albuterol sulfate and ipratropium bromide as a monohydrate. 

An inhalation or puff of Combivent respimat inhaler produces a dose of 20 mcg ipratropium and 100 mcg albuterol. 

The recommended Combivent respimat doses are: 

-One inhalation four times a day 

-Additional inhalations can be taken as required but should not be more than six inhalations/puffs within 24 hours. 

Combivent respimat – how to use 

Before you start to use Combivent respimat and every time you get a refill, read the Instructions for Use carefully.

Use Combivent respimat exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Do not change how often you use it or your dose without consulting your doctor. 

This inhaler has a slow-moving mist to help you inhale the medicine. 

The Combivent Respimat cartridge must be inserted into the Combivent Respimat inhaler and then prime the unit before first use. When using this unit for the first time, point the inhaler toward the ground, press the dose-release button until an aerosol cloud is visible, and repeat the process three times. After that, the unit is considered primed and ready to use. 

If you haven’t used it for more than three days, point the inhaler toward the ground and release one puff to prepare the inhaler for use. If you haven’t used it for more than 21 days, point the inhaler toward the ground, press the dose-release button until a cloud is visible, and repeat the process three times to prepare it. 

Do not forget to write the discard by date on the label of the inhaler. The discard by date is three months after insertion of the cartridge. 

When the inhaler is ready for use, breathe slowly and fully (exhale). Place the inhaler in your mouth, then close your lips around the mouthpiece. Be sure you are not covering the air vents on the sides. The inhaler should be pointed to the back of the throat. 

Then, while taking a slow, deep breath through your mouth, press the dose-release button and continue to breathe in. Next, hold your breath for at least 10 seconds or as long as you can comfortably do so. Close the inhaler until you use it again. 

Be sure to clean the mouthpiece and the metal part inside it using a damp cloth or tissue at least once a week. 


Do not use Combivent Respimat if you are allergic to its active components, ipratropium, albuterol, or any of its inactive ingredients, and atropine. 

Before you start taking this medication, tell your doctor about your medical conditions, especially if you have narrow-angle glaucoma, a history of heart problems such as high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, urinary or prostate problems, thyroid disorder, or diabetes. 

Combivent Respimat is for oral inhalation only and should not be sprayed into the eyes. Combivent Respimat may increase eye pressure, resulting in or worsening some types of glaucoma. 

Do not exceed the recommended dose of Combivent Respimat for overuse of this medication may lead to an increased risk of death. Strictly follow the prescribed dose for you. 

Combivent Respimat Side effects 

Most medications can cause some unwanted side effects along with their needed effects. Some may go away after the body has adjusted to the drug, and they can be manageable. Some may need to be reported to the prescriber, and some may be life-threatening and would need immediate medical attention. 

The following are the common side effects of Combivent Respimat inhaler: 

-Infection in the nose, throat, and ears (Upper respiratory tract infection/URTI) 

-Common cold (nasopharyngitis) and runny nose 



-Swelling of part of the airways in the lungs (bronchitis) 

-Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

If the symptoms listed above persist and become worse or bothersome, contact your healthcare provider or pharmacist and ask for advice about them. 

Combivent Respimat may rarely cause some severe side effects. If you experience any of the following conditions and symptoms, stop using the medication, call your doctor right away, or seek immediate medical help. 

-Serious allergic reaction is shown by rash, itchiness, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing. 

-Paradoxical bronchospasm is shown by difficult breathing that gets worse or wheezing. 

-Eye problems are shown by eye pain/discomfort, increased eye pressure (glaucoma), blurry vision, and dizziness. 

-Painful urination or difficulty urinating. 

-Heart problems are shown by chest pain and rapid or pounding heartbeats. 

-Low potassium levels (hypokalemia) are shown by weakness, fatigue, leg/muscle cramps, constipation, irregular heartbeats, fluttering in the chest, heart palpitations, and increased thirst or urination.

The symptoms listed above may not happen to every person using this medication. If you happen to experience side effects not listed here, please contact your healthcare provider for medical advice/help. 

Frequently asked questions about Combivent Respimat 

Is Combivent Respimat for asthma treatment? 

-Primarily, a Combivent Respimat inhaler is used for people with COPD, but it may provide some benefit to those with more severe asthma, though not considered standard asthma treatment. Combivent Respimat is considered an add-on to patients with a severe asthma treatment regimen. 

How soon does Combivent Respimat start to work? 

-Using the Combivent Respimat inhaler as directed, you should notice an improvement in your breathing 15 minutes after taking a dose. 

Is Combivent Respimat a steroid? 

-No, it is not a steroid. Combivent Respimat is a combination of two medications, ipratropium, and albuterol which work together to help relax and open up the airways in the lungs. Steroids work by helping to reduce the swelling (inflammation) in the lungs. Combivent Respimat works differently from steroids. 

How much is the price of this medication? 

-You may check the pricing of this product by clicking here. 

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