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Flomax (tamsulosin) 

Indications for Flomax

Flomax is indicated for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Dosage and Administration

  • Take Flomax once daily and approximately 30 minutes after the same meal each day. 
  • Swallow the capsules whole and do not crush, chew, or open them. 
  • Take Flomax regularly at the same time each day for maximum benefit. If you miss a dose then take it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for the next dose.  
  • Consult your healthcare provider about restarting at a lower dose if Flomax has not been taken for several days. 
  • Inform your healthcare provider if the condition does not improve or worsens and note that it may take up to 4 weeks before symptoms improve. 
  • Do not crush, chew, or open the capsules and do not take extra medicine to make up for a missed dose. 


Active ingredient: tamsulosin hydrochloride

Inactive ingredients: methacrylic acid copolymer dispersion, NF; microcrystalline cellulose, NF; triacetin, USP; calcium stearate, NF; talc, USP; FD&C blue No. 2, titanium dioxide; ferric oxide; gelatin, and trace amounts of black edible ink.


Mechanism of Action

Flomax works by relaxing the muscles in the prostate and bladder neck thereby making it easier to urinate. 

Contraindications for Flomax

Contraindicated in patients known to be hypersensitive to tamsulosin hydrochloride or any component of Flomax capsules. 

Side Effects of Flomax

Common Side Effects: 

  • Dizziness 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Weakness 
  • Runny or stuffy nose 
  • Abnormal ejaculation, including decreased amount of semen and ejaculation issues 
  • Headaches 
  • Decreased interest in sex 

Serious Side Effects: 

  • Fainting 
  • Painful or difficult urination 
  • Chest pain 
  • Allergic reaction (hives, difficult breathing, swelling in face or throat) 
  • Severe skin reaction (fever, sore throat, burning eyes, skin pain, red or purple skin rash with blistering and peeling)
  • Painful erection that lasts 4 hours or longer 


  • Don’t use the medication in combination with strong inhibitors of CYP3A4. Use with caution in combination with moderate inhibitors of CYP3A4, with strong or moderate inhibitors of CYP2D6, in patients known to be CYP2D6 poor metabolizers, or in combination with other cytochrome P450 inhibitors. 
  • Do not use in combination with other alpha adrenergic blocking agents. 
  • Exercise caution with concomitant administration of warfarin. 
  • Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome has been observed during cataract surgery in some patients. Advise patients considering cataract surgery to tell their ophthalmologist that they have taken Flomax capsules. 
  • Advise patients to be screened for the presence of prostate cancer prior to treatment and at regular intervals afterwards. 

Storage Instructions

  • Store Flomax capsules at room temperature 77ºF (25ºC).  
  • Short-term exposure to higher or lower temperatures from 59ºF (15ºC) to 86ºF (30ºC)is acceptable.  
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about storing your capsules. 


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To buy Flomax online from, simply navigate to the product page for the specific Flomax dosage you need. From there, select the desired quantity and dosage strength, and click on the “Add to Cart” button. Proceed to checkout and follow the prompts to complete your purchase securely.

How soon will my Flomax order be shipped, and how long will it take to arrive?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your Flomax.

What is your return/refund policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase of Flomax. Because we work in conjunction with licensed pharmacies to protect the safety of you and other parties involved, once a prescription and non-prescription products have been dispensed it cannot be returned for any reason. Under the pharmaceutical law, prescription drugs are not returnable. All sales are final. So before ordering (completing your order) please consult with your physician regarding your medications.

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Other Names:

Flomax MR, Tamsulosin



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30, 90


ER Capsule

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