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Dosage: 24/26mg
Quantity: 84
Price: $244.70
Dosage: 24/26mg
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Dosage: 49/51mg
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Price: $171.20
Dosage: 49/51mg
Quantity: 168
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Dosage: 97/103mg
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What is Entresto used for? 

Entresto is used for treating and controlling types of heart failure. This medication can also help you live longer and lower your risk of going to the hospital due to heart failure. This drug contains two medications: valsartan and sacubitril.  

Entresto’s drug class belongs to drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). This medication can also treat Entresto heart failure. It does this by relaxing the blood vessels so blood can flow quickly, which will make it easier for the heart to pump blood to the body.  

How to take Entresto 

Entresto is taken by mouth with or without food, usually twice a day or as instructed by your doctor. To get the most out of this medication, take it regularly and take it simultaneously every day to avoid forgetting it. You should not take this drug with ACE inhibitors, including Captopril and Enalapril. 


Entresto dose will depend on your response to treatment and pre-existing medical history. Your doctor may instruct you to start at a lower dosage and slowly increase over time to lower your risk of side effects. Make sure to follow what your doctor tells you carefully. 

Entresto Side Effects 

Dizziness, cough, or lightheadedness can occur. Tell your doctor or pharmacist right away if any of these persist or worsen. If you want to reduce lightheadedness and dizziness, get up slowly when standing up. 

Serious side effects 

Signs of kidney problems include changes in the amount of urine and symptoms of high potassium blood level such as muscle weakness, irregular or slow heartbeat, and fainting. 

Allergic reactions 

Rash, itching, severe dizziness, swelling of the face, throat, or tongue, and trouble breathing are signs of a serious allergic reaction and must need immediate medical attention.   


Before using Entresto, tell your doctor if you are allergic to it or other compounds such as Valsartan and other ARBs such as Candesartan, and Losartan, or ACE inhibitors such as Quinapril or Ramipril. If you have any allergies, you will also have to tell your doctor. This medication contains inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. 

Before using this medication, inform your doctor or pharmacist about any medical history you may have including kidney disease, liver disease, dehydration, high amount of potassium in the blood, and serious allergic reactions such as swelling of the tongue, face, lips, throat, difficulty breathing such as angioedema, hereditary angioedema. 

Before surgery, inform your doctor of all the drugs you have been using, including prescription and nonprescription drugs, including herbal products. This medication is not recommended for pregnant women as it can harm the unborn baby. It is still unknown if Entresto passes breastmilk. Talk to your doctor before you decide to breastmilk. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Entresto cost? 

The Entresto price will always depend on the pharmacy you purchase it from. See above to see our prices by clicking here. 

Is there a correlation between Entresto and weight gain? 

Study shows that body weight has decreased, especially among male and 60yrs old and above people who have been taking it for 1 – 6 months. 

What does Entresto do for the heart? 

Entresto is used for treating and controlling types of heart failure. Check out more information above by clicking here. 


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Drug Name:


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Other Names:

Oneptus, Vymada 100, Vymada 200


24/26mg, 49/51mg, 97/103mg

Quantities Available:

84, 168, 56


Film Coated Tablet

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