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Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 100/6mcg
Quantity: 120doses
Price: $115.00
Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 100/6mcg
Quantity: 240doses
Price: $200.00
Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 100/6mcg
Quantity: 360doses
Price: $316.00
Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 160/4.5mcg
Quantity: 120ds
Price: $118.00
Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 160/4.5mcg
Quantity: 240ds
Price: $221.00
Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 200/6mcg
Quantity: 120doses
Price: $139.00
Symbicort Turbuhaler
Dosage: 200/6mcg
Quantity: 360doses
Price: $387.00

What is Symbicort Turbuhaler used for? 

This medication is typically used to treat or prevent shortness of breath, wheezing because of asthma, or other ongoing lung diseases (COPD).  

This includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Symbicort Turbuhaler contains two medications, including formoterol and budesonide.

How to use Symbicort Turbuhaler?

To use this medication, start by following the instructions. Prime the inhaler if it is your first time, have not used it for seven days or more, or if the inhaler has been dropped. Spray away from your face so that the medication will not get in your eyes. You will have to shake the inhaler for 5 seconds before using it.  

Inhale Symbicort Turbuhaler orally as instructed by your doctor, typically twice every day, early in the morning and evening 12 hours apart.


Symbicort Turbuhaler dosage will depend on your medical condition and response to the treatment. If your doctor has prescribed you two puffs, you will have to wait for 1 minute between each dose and use this medication last. 

This is available in the following strengths: Symbicort Turbuhaler 100/6 mcg (equivalent to 80/4.5 mcg), 400/12 mcg (equivalent to 320/9 mcg), and 200/6 mcg (equivalent to Symbicort Turbuhaler 160 4.5 mcg.) 

Symbicort Turbuhaler Side Effects 

Throat irritation, headaches, and stomach upsets can happen. If you experience any of these or have worsened in severity, contact your doctor immediately. This Turbuhaler might increase your blood pressure. Make sure to check your blood pressure regularly.  

Symbicort Turbuhaler can rarely cause a sudden extreme worsening of your breathing capability and asthma right after using this medication. If you experience this, immediately use your quick-relief inhaler and seek medical attention.  

Serious Side Effects 

If you experience any of these side effects, immediately contact your doctor, as this is a sign of a serious side effect of this inhaler.  

  • White patches on your mouth or tongue 
  • Signs of infections (persistent sore throat, fever) 
  • Mood or mental issues 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Nervousness
  • Vision problems (blurred vision)
  • Shaking
  • Muscle cramps 

Other serious side effects include extreme dizziness, chest pain, fast or slow, irregular heartbeat, fainting, and seizures. 

Allergic Reactions 

Allergic reactions to Symbicort Turbuhaler will usually include swelling, itching, or rash on the face, throat, tongue, serious dizziness, and difficulties breathing.


Inform your doctor if you have any allergies, as Symbicort Turbuhaler contains inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.  

Before you use Symbicort Turbuhaler, inform your doctor of any medical history of tuberculosis, herpes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chest pain, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), seizures, bone loss, eye problems (such as cataracts, glaucoma), diabetes, liver disease, swelling of an artery, and a certain tumor adrenal gland called (pheochromocytoma). 

Before having surgery, inform your doctor if you have taken any other medication, prescription and non-prescription medication, and herbal products. Older adults may be more sensitive to other side effects, including QT prolongation. Do not use Symbicort Turbuhaler if you are during your pregnancy unless necessary. This drug passes to breast milk, so do inform your doctor first before breastfeeding. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Symbicort Turbuhaler cost? 

This medication’s cost will depend on the pharmacy you will be purchasing it from. You can see our prices above by clicking here. You may use online tools to compare our prices with other stores. 


Is Symbicort Turbuhaler a steroid?

Symbicort Turbuhaler is a combination of a steroid and a bronchodilator used to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 


Can I use Ventolin and Symbicort Turbuhaler together? 

It is safe to use Ventolin as a rescue inhaler while taking Symbicort. 

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Symbicort Turbuhaler

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Symbicort Turbuhaler


100/6mcg, 160/4.5mcg, 200/6mcg

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120doses, 120ds, 240doses, 240ds, 360doses


Dry Powder Inhaler

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