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Stiolto Respimat
Dosage: 2.5mcg/2.5mcg
Quantity: 60puffs
Price: $190.00
Stiolto Respimat
Dosage: 2.5mcg/2.5mcg
Quantity: 120puffs
Price: $370.00
Stiolto Respimat
Dosage: 2.5mcg/2.5mcg
Quantity: 180puffs
Price: $550.00


What is Stiolto Respimat?

Stiolto Respimat is a brand-name medication that requires a doctor’s prescription. This medication is for the long-term maintenance treatment of adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including bronchitis, emphysema, or both. This is used to prevent obstruction of the airflow in the lungs and reduce flare-ups.

Tiotropium bromide and olodaterol are the active ingredients in Stiolto Respimat. Tiotropium bromide is a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA), often referred to as an anticholinergic. This drug works by inhibiting M3-receptors in the smooth muscle and blocking the action of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger that stimulates certain muscles in the lungs to tighten (contract). This results in the prevention of tightening of the muscles in the lungs and opening of the airways.

Another active medicine of Stiolto Respimat is olodaterol, which belongs to a group of drugs called long-acting beta2-agonist (LABA). This drug functions by attaching beta2-adrenergic receptors in the bronchioles and triggering the relaxation of the airway smooth muscle cells, resulting in bronchodilation. This happens after topical administration by inhalation.

What Are Stiolto Respimat Side Effects?

Like most medications, the Stiolto Respimat inhaler may cause unwanted side effects and its needed effects. The side effects can be mild or serious. 

Here are the common side effects of using the Stiolto Respimat inhaler: 

Runny nose 


Back pain 

If the symptoms listed above continue and worsen or become bothersome, contact your healthcare provider. 

Seek medical attention right away if any of the following serious side effects of Stiolto Respimat occur: 

Paradoxical bronchospasm is shown by coughing and difficulty in breathing that becomes worse despite using an inhaler. 

-A serious allergic reaction is shown by rash, itching, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing.  

Paradoxical bronchospasm is shown by coughing, and difficulty breathing that worsens despite using an inhaler. 

Heart problems are shown by high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, abnormal heart rhythm, and chest pain. 

New or worsening eye problems include narrow-angle glaucoma, and the symptoms are eye pain or discomfort, tunnel vision, blurred vision, and seeing halos around lights. 

New or worsening urinary problems are shown by painful urination, difficulty in urinating, urinating more often than usual, and urinating in a weak stream or drops. 

-Low levels of potassium can result in muscle and heart problems. The symptoms are muscle spasms, abnormal heart rhythm, muscle weakness, leg cramps, increased thirst or urination, tingling or numbness, and heart palpitations. 

-Elevated blood sugar levels can be risky for diabetic patients. The symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger, night urination, fatigue, dry mouth, and fruity breath. 

-Worsening of COPD symptoms, including flare-ups. Signs are trouble breathing, coughing, shortness of breath even while resting, confusion, tiredness, wheezing, and coughing up more mucus than usual.

Warnings and Interactions – Stiolto Respimat

Stiolto Respimat is not indicated for the treatment of acute deterioration of COPD. 

Stiolto Respimat is not intended for the treatment of asthma. This drug may increase the risk of being brought to the hospital for intubation (placing a tube in the airway to aid breathing) or death.

Do not use this medication to treat sudden breathing problems. A rescue inhaler should always be ready for use when sudden symptoms occur.

Do not use Stiolto Respimat in children because it is unknown if this is safe and effective for them.

Do not use this medication inhaler more often than prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Do not use this medication if you are allergic to its active and inactive components, such as ipratropium, atropine, or similar medicines.

Before using this drug, make sure to tell your doctor about all your medical history and conditions, especially of heart problems such as chest pain, previous heart attack and irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, a thyroid disorder, seizures, glaucoma, diabetes, kidney disease, and urination problems or an enlarged prostate.

Stiolto Respimat Dosage

Stiolto Respimat is supplied as an inhalation spray and consists of a Stiolto Respimat Inhaler device and a Stiolto Respimat cartridge containing the two active medications, tiotropium, and olodaterol. 

An actuation of Stiolto Respimat inhaler delivers 2.5 mcg tiotropium and 2.5 mcg of olodaterol.

The recommended dose of Stiolto Respimat to treat adults with COPD is two inhalations (puffs) taken once daily, at the same time of the day. Do not take more than two inhalations within 24 hours.

No dosage adjustment is required for geriatrics and patients with hepatic or renal impairment.


Read the instructions carefully on how to use Stiolto Respimat inhalation spray.

Before you use this medication for the first time, the cartridge must be inserted into the Respimat inhaler device and the unit is primed. When you use it for the first time, prime it first by pointing the inhaler toward the ground then press the dose-release button until an aerosol cloud or spray is visible, then repeat the process for three times. After that, it is primed and ready to use. 

When the inhaler is ready for use, breathe slowly and fully (exhale). Place the inhaler in your mouth, then close your lips around the mouthpiece. Be sure you are not covering the air vents on the sides. The inhaler should be pointed to the back of the throat. 

Then, while taking a slow, deep breath through your mouth, press the dose-release button and continue to breathe in slowly. Next, hold your breath for at least 10 seconds or as long as you can comfortably do so. 

Do not forget to write the discard by date on the label of the inhaler. The discard-by date is three months after insertion of the cartridge. 

Be sure to clean the mouthpiece and the metal part inside it using a damp cloth or tissue at least once a week. 

If you haven’t used your inhaler for more than three days, point the inhaler toward the ground and release one puff to prepare the inhaler for use. 

If you haven’t used your inhaler for more than 21 days, point the inhaler toward the ground, press the dose-release button until an aerosol cloud or spray is visible, then repeat the process three more times to prepare it for use.

FAQs About Stiolto Respimat 

-Is stiolto Respimat a steroid?

Stiolto Respimat is not a steroid or doesn’t contain any steroid component. This medication contains two active ingredients. One is Tiotropium bromide, a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA), an anticholinergic. The other is olodaterol, a long-acting beta2-agonist (LABA). These two are also known as bronchodilators. Unlike inhalers that contain steroids, Stiolto Respimat is less likely to cause thrush and increase your risk of other infections

-Can Stiolto Respimat be used for treating asthma?

No, it isn’t approved to treat asthma. The safety and effectiveness of Stiolto Respimat in the treatment of asthma have not been established. People with asthma who used LABA medicines like olodaterol, one of the active drugs of Stiolto Respimat, and do not use an inhaled corticosteroid, have a greater risk for hospitalization, or intubation (placing a tube in the airway to aid breathing) and of death.

Do I need to continue using oxygen while on Stiolto Respimat?

If your doctor prescribed oxygen for you, you should keep taking it as prescribed after starting Stiolto Respimat, unless your doctor advises you otherwise. 

How Much Does Stiolto Respimat Cost?

You may purchase Stiolto Respimat from this page. See the top of this page for the available prices by clicking here. 

Additional information

Brand Name:

Stiolto Respimat

Scientific Name:

Tiotropium Bromide/Olodaterol

Other Names:

Spiolto Respimat



Quantities Available:

60puffs, 120puffs, 180puffs


Respimat Inhaler

The information above is provided by third parties to for Stiolto Respimat (Tiotropium Bromide/Olodaterol). This information is for general purposes only and is not intended to replace a physician's advice. Always consult with your doctor or a qualified health care professional if you need advice on any medical concerns.