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Naftifine hcl
Dosage: 1%
Quantity: 30g
Price: $48.50
Naftifine hcl
Dosage: 1%
Quantity: 60g
Price: $90.00
Naftifine hcl
Dosage: 1%
Quantity: 90g
Price: $133.00

Naftin (naftifine hydrochloride)


  • Naftin Cream is indicated for the treatment of fungal skin infections such as athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), jock itch (tinea cruris), and ringworm (tinea corporis).
  • Effective in alleviating symptoms of these infections, including itching, redness, and scaling.

Dosage and Administration

  • Apply Naftin Cream exactly as prescribed by your doctor, typically once daily.
  • Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly before applying the cream.
  • Use a thin layer of the cream and gently rub it into the affected area and surrounding skin.
  • Wash your hands after applying the cream to avoid spreading the infection.
  • Continue using Naftin Cream for the full prescribed duration, even if symptoms improve, to prevent recurrence of the infection.
  • Do not apply Naftin Cream to the eyes, mouth, or inside the nose. It is for external use only.
  • Avoid covering the treated area with bandages or dressings unless directed by your doctor.
  • Do not stop using Naftin Cream prematurely without consulting your doctor, even if symptoms improve.
  • Do not share your medication with others, even if they have similar symptoms.

Mechanism of Action

Naftin Cream contains Naftifine hydrochloride, an antifungal agent. It works by inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol, an essential component of fungal cell membranes, leading to increased membrane permeability and cell death of the fungus.


  • Do not use Naftin Cream if you have a known allergy to Naftifine or any other ingredients in the cream.
  • Avoid using Naftin Cream on open wounds or broken skin.

Side Effects

Common Side Effects:

  • Burning sensation
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Irritation at the application site

Serious Side Effects:

  • Severe allergic reactions (rash, itching, swelling, difficulty breathing)
  • Blistering or peeling of the skin
  • Severe burning or irritation


  • Inform your doctor about any existing medical conditions or medications you are taking before using Naftin Cream.
  • Be cautious if you have a history of skin sensitivity or allergies.
  • Avoid using other topical medications or products on the treated area without consulting your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, discuss the risks and benefits of Naftin Cream with your healthcare provider.

Storage Instructions

  • Store Naftin Cream at room temperature (20°C to 25°C) in a dry place, away from moisture and heat.
  • Keep the cream in its original packaging until ready to use.
  • Do not use Naftin Cream if it appears discolored, damaged, or shows signs of deterioration.


Additional information

Brand Name:

Naftin Cream

Scientific Name:

Naftifine hcl

Other Names:

Exoderil Cream



Quantities Available:

30g, 60g, 90g



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