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Atrovent Inhaler
Dosage: 20mcg
Quantity: 200doses
Price: $43.00
Atrovent Inhaler
Dosage: 20mcg
Quantity: 400doses
Price: $78.50

What is Atrovent Inhaler used for? 

This medication is used to treat, control, or prevent wheezing or shortness of breath caused by lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD. This will include emphysema and bronchitis.  

This medication works by making your muscles relax around the airways and helping you breathe more easily. An Atrovent inhaler can be used with your quick-relief inhaler for sudden wheezing or shortness of breath.

How to take Atrovent Inhaler 

Before using this inhaler, make sure to check if it has discoloration. This medication should be clear and colorless if none of these presents do use the liquid. Inhale Atrovent inhaler into the lungs using a nebulizer as instructed by your doctor, typically 3 to 4 times daily and 6 to 8 hours apart.  

Do not get the medication in your eyes as it can irritate, blur vision temporarily, or other vision changes. Your doctor might recommend you to use a mouthpiece over a face mask with the nebulizer or to close your eyes during use.

Atrovent Inhaler Dosage  

The dose will be based on the patient’s response to treatment and existing medical conditions. This medication should be taken regularly and used in evenly spaced intervals to get the best result from it. Do not increase your dose of Atrovent Inhaler or take it more often than what is prescribed by your doctor. Use this medication at the same time every time to help you not forget to take it.

Atrovent Inhaler Side Effects

Nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, stomach upsets, and constipation may happen if it does make sure to inform your doctor promptly. Atrovent Inhaler may rarely cause a severe and sudden worsening of breath, if this occurs use your quick-relief inhaler and seek medical attention right away.

Serious Side Effects 

Vision changes, eye pain, swelling or redness, seeing rainbows around light sources at night. If you observe any of these symptoms medical attention is needed as soon as possible, contact your doctor immediately.

Allergic Reactions 

Serious allergic reactions to Atrovent Inhaler, however rare, may still occur. Be on the lookout for symptoms of an allergic reaction such as rash, itching, and swelling especially of your face, throat, and tongue, trouble breathing, and severe dizziness.


Before using Atrovent inhaler, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it or if you have other allergies in general. Tell your doctor if you also have an allergy to atropine and other r belladonna-type drugs. This medication contains inactive ingredients which cause allergic reactions. 

Before using Atrovent inhaler, inform your doctor of your medical history such as difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate, or personal or family history of glaucoma. Before you have surgeries inform your doctor of any prescribed or non-prescribed medication you have used as well as herbal medications. Older patients using Atrovent inhaler might be more sensitive to the side effects of these medications, especially constipation, or problems urinating. During pregnancy, Atrovent inhaler must only be used when it is really necessary. And it is still not known if Atrovent inhaler passes into breast milk, speak with your doctor before breastfeeding.

How much does Atrovent Inhaler cost? 

The price of this medication will be heavily dependent on your dose and the pharmacy you are buying it from. See our prices above for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Atrovent considered a steroid? 

Atrovent (ipratropium) is an anticholinergic, not a steroid. Anticholinergics and steroids work differently to treat runny nose and allergies.

What’s the difference between Albuterol and Atrovent? 

Atrovent inhaler is an inhaler used daily. It works by relaxing the muscles around the airways to breathe easily. However, it does not have the same medication as Albuterol. 

Additional information

Brand Name:

Atrovent Inhaler

Scientific Name:

Ipratropium Bromide

Other Names:

Atrovent Inhaler HFA



Quantities Available:

200doses, 400doses



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