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Atarax (hydroxyzine hydrochloride)


Atarax is intended to relieve anxiety and tension associated with psychoneurosis, supplementing organic disease states where anxiety manifests, managing pruritus due to allergic conditions such as chronic urticaria, atopic, contact dermatoses, and histamine-mediated pruritus.

Dosage and Administration

  1. Take Atarax by mouth with or without food as instructed by your healthcare provider, typically three or four times daily.
  2. Take it as soon as possible if a dose is missed according to the prescribed schedule.
  3. Adhere strictly to the directions provided by your healthcare provider for taking Atarax.
  4. Refrain from increasing the dosage or taking Atarax more frequently than directed. Notify your healthcare provider if your condition does not improve or worsens.
  5. Do not double the dose to compensate for a missed one; continue with the regular dosing schedule.

Mechanism of Action

The antihistamine Hydroxyzine works by stopping histamine from functioning in the brain. This action helps reduce anxiety, induce drowsiness, and alleviate itching.


Avoid using in early pregnancy due to potential fetal abnormalities observed in animal studies. Patients with known hypersensitivity to Hydroxyzine should also avoid use.

Side Effects

Common Side Effects:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Dizziness
  3. Dry mouth
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Headache
  6. Confusion
  7. Tremor (uncontrolled shaking)
  8. Serious Side Effects:
  9. Chest pain, discomfort, or tightness
  10. Cough
  11. Difficulty with swallowing
  12. Fainting
  13. Fast or irregular heartbeat
  14. Hives, itching, or skin rash
  15. Swelling of the eyelids, face, lips, or tongue
  16. Trouble breathing
  17. Seizures (convulsions)


  1. Consider potential increase in effectiveness when used along with CNS depressants; adjust dosage accordingly.
  2. Caution against simultaneous use of other CNS depressants and alcohol consumption.

Atarax Storage Instructions

Store at controlled room temperature between 15°C to 30°C.


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We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase of Atarax (hydroxyzine hydrochloride). Because we work in conjunction with licensed pharmacies to protect the safety of you and other parties involved, once a prescription and non-prescription products have been dispensed it cannot be returned for any reason. Under the pharmaceutical law, prescription drugs are not returnable. All sales are final. So before ordering (completing your order) please consult with your physician regarding your medications.

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2006. Drug Label Information. DailyMed.

Additional information

Brand Name:


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Hydroxyzine, Hydroxyzine Hcl

Other Names:

Atarax, Hydroxyzine HCL, Hydroxyzine Hcl


10mg, 25mg, 50mg

Quantities Available:

90, 100


Capsule, Tablet

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