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What is Welchol used for? 

Welchol is typically taken with proper diet and exercise. It helps by lowering the amount of cholesterol in your blood, lowering the risk of heart disease, and preventing heart attacks or strokes.  

This medication is also used to treat type 2 diabetes, lower high blood sugar, and prevent kidney damage, nerve issues, blindness, sexual issues, and loss of limbs. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as bile acid resins.

How to take Welchol? 

Welchol would be best to be taken orally 1 to 2 times per day, or if your doctor has instructed you to do so. Take Welchol with water or milk. If you have difficulties swallowing the tablet form of this medication, ask your doctor about taking the powder form to help with swallowing.   

If you are taking the powder form of this medication, release the contents of the packet into a glass and add 8 ounces or 240 milliliters of water or diet soda, or fruit juice. Mix it well and drink all of the contents. Do not take the powder without any liquid. Take this medication at the same time every day to not forget it and take it regularly for the full benefit.


The recommended Welchol dosage for children 10 through 17 years old with primary hyperlipidemia is 3.75 grams a day. As for adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus, it will also be 3.75 grams a day.

Welchol Side Effects 

Upset stomach and constipation might happen. If you experience these and it worsens, contact your doctor right away. To prevent these side effects, drink enough water, eat dietary fiber, and exercise. You can also take laxatives but ask your doctor first before taking laxatives.

Serious Side Effects 

While taking Welchol, if you experience: vomiting, nausea, difficulties swallowing, abdominal or stomach pain, and unusual bleeding or bruising. This medication can rarely cause low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).  

If Welchol is taken with other diabetes medications, it can also be caused by low-calorie intake. The symptoms of low blood sugar include: shaking, sweating, hunger, blurred vision, and tingling hands and feet. To counteract this, keep glucose tablets close, or if you do not have any, consume something very sweet to spike your blood sugar levels.  

Symptoms of high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) include confusion, increased urination, thirst, flushing, drowsiness, rapid breathing, or fruity breath. If you experience any of these, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Allergic Reactions 

If you observe any of these signs of an allergic reaction such as swelling, rash, itching of your face, throat, tongue, extreme dizziness, and trouble breathing. Contact your doctor immediately as this is a very serious allergic reaction to this medication.


Before taking Welchol 625 mg tablet, tell your doctor if you are allergic to this medication or if you have any allergies. This medication can cause allergic reactions because it contains inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. 

Talk to your doctor about any medical history of pancreatitis that is caused by high levels of triglycerides, difficulty swallowing, intestinal or stomach issues, these can be characterized as gastroparesis, blockage, constipation, have recently had major intestinal surgeries, or hemorrhoids. 

This medication can interfere with your vitamin absorption, such as vitamins D, A, K, and E when used for long periods. Your doctor may instruct you to take multivitamin supplements. Only take multivitamins 4 hours before your Welchol dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the day to take Welchol? 

It is recommended that you take Welchol at 7:00 or early in the morning. Wait 1 hour before you consider taking another dose.

Is Welchol for diarrhea effective? 

No, Welchol is not an effective way to treat diarrhea. This is due to the effect of the medication on the bile acids in your stomach.

What does Welchol do to the blood? 

Welchol lowers the bad cholesterol that is circulating in your blood. You can find how this medication does this in the “What is Welchol used for?” at the top of this description. 



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Colesevelam, Colesevelam Hydrochloride

Other Names:

Cholestagel, Colesevelam Hydrochloride



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180, 360, 540



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